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             Tuatapere 4 Square Supermarket


Aaron and Lisa

The Hub of Tuatapere the local 4 square supermarket has all the supplies for your journey and your visit to our wonderland. For the back Country adventurer, they have a good stock of Southland made freeze dry Backcountry Cuisine, Chocolate and other high energy foods. For those staying in Town, all your grocery needs are catered for as well as ready-made meals, salads, hot takeaways and coffee.

Your usual Lotto ticket, wine and beer are available from the friendly staff who always have a cheery smile to make your day that much brighter.


Many think they must bring everything they need for their stay with them but that is not true. Most of what you want is already here and if you need something that isn't just asked. Aaron and Lisa will do their best to provide you with what you need.

A fully stocked supermarket with the wonderful staff at the end of the world makes for a pleasant and enjoyable holiday. Located right in the centre of Tuatapere on the main st. Just look for the smiley man with his thumb up.



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