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         Southland Locator Beacon Trust


If you are going anywhere in the wilderness (and you will be) be sure to take a locator beacon with you. These are available for hire right here in Tuatapere. In fact, most of the beacons you can hire anywhere in New Zealand are from the locator beacon trust of Tuatapere.


Back in the late 90’s when Tuatapere’s forestry industry was shut down the residents of Tuatapere put their heads together and came up with some great ideas including The Humpridge Track, the Port Craig Viaduct Trust and The Southland Locator Beacon Trust.


From small local beginnings in 1996 to now having 340 beacons available from 44 outlets nationwide the Southland Locator Beacon Trust has revolutionised the Search and Rescue service in New Zealand.

Having recently been in the position of having to set my beacon off (hired from the Locator Beacon service) I am in the position of being able to highly recommend them. Within 35 minutes of activating my beacon, a rescue helicopter complete with a paramedic was landing next to me right in the middle of Southern Fiordland. A mans life was saved and I got to see first hand the highly efficient system that has been developed by the Southland Locator Beacon Trust from the ground up.


Today, in Tuatapere here at the end of the world, you will find Terri and John hard at work keeping track of hundreds of beacons and ensuring that those carrying them can rely on a speedy lifesaving response in the unlikely event that they activate their beacon.

Beacons can be hired from the Tuatapere service station or by contacting the locator beacon service directly at

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