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               Adventure Services


Although small Tuatapere offers much in the way of services to the adventurer in Southern Fiordland. There are transport operators that can get you to and from your entry and exit points with many providing thrills along the way. The Southland Locator beacon service provides locator beacons for your safety.  Heli my way can give you access where none other is possible or drop off supplies for the epic trip. Several Jet boat operators offer spectacular scenic trips and charter rides for your own adventures.

The lake Hauroko tours launch provides the only scheduled service to the beginning of the Dusky track.

You can stock up on food in the 4square or purchase the clothing you need but didn't bring with you from one of the outdoor clothing outlets in town. If your vehicle has problems or just needs fuel we have two very capable service stations in Tuatapere.

If Hunting or Fishing is your adventure then supplies, information and guides can be found here too.

It pays to ask around as many of the services in town are offered by businesses that at first glance are operating a different type of business. We are a versatile lot in Tuatapere and many of us offer far more than at first appears.

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