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               Tuatapere Service Station

                         Pockets and Christine


The Term ‘Salt of the earth” is often used without much thought to its meaning. Salt gives flavour and preserves, it is what makes a food's flavour stand out. Pockets and Christine are “salt of the earth” people. Born and Raised in Tuatapere Pockets owns and runs the Tuatapere service station on Orawia road. No matter what your automotive needs or problems the Tuatapere Service Station crew will get you sorted with a full mechanical service workshop, tyres, fuel and auto electrical servicing.

 Christine runs the show from the office and you can find outdoor clothing and sporting goods, hardware and a multitude of unexpected surprises that you normally wouldn’t think to find at a service station. Registrations and Road user charges can be purchased here too.

If you break down and call your roadside rescue service it will probably be Pockets who turns up.

You can contact Pockets or Christine on 03 2266475

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