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Hikes and Walks in the Wilderness of Fiordland



Use existing track networks with the comfort and security of huts and signposts. The standard of some tracks and routes in this area varies from the well-formed boardwalk on the Humpridge to rough routes that demand attention to footing and navigation. 


Just want to explore the bird life and take some amazing photos but want to go where no-one else does? There are great day walks around Tuatapere.



Get off the Track. There are vast mountain ranges, lakes, coastal beaches and river valleys that are just waiting to be explored. This is wild remote and rough country that demands the respect of those who venture therein. Get advise, be prepared and expect to be challenged.


An adventure filled night in the wilds around Tuatapere, go caving, climb to a vantage point to watch the stars or the Aurora (southern lights), spotlight huge eels, and relax by a fire on the beach. Accommodation to recover is plentiful in Tuatapere.


Come and explore the vast untamed regions of Southern Fiordland.


There are many options for existing tracks and ways to link them together in this part of the park.

You could go coastal along the south coast, alpine around Green Lake, epic over the Dusky track or luxury on the Humpridge. Or you can link one or more together through the country between.


In the spirit of the early explorers just go and discover. This is a real adventure, self-supported and untamed. 


While all of the routes described in this guide have been walked and photographed recently no responsibility is implied or accepted by the author for the accuracy of the information given. The only person responsible for your safety in the wilderness is you. Be prepared for conditions to have changed, particularly along coastal and river routes. The beaches can change from one tide to the next.


Code of Conduct


Nz's wilderness is a unique and fragile wild place. We treasure this beauty and ask that you treat it with respect. Here are a few guidelines to help you.




Share hut space respectful of others needs for rest. Most of the huts in this area are small and while often not well used at times it can be possible to have more people than beds. Move over and make room especially if the weather is not good outside.

Clean the hut before you leave. Sweep the floors, do the dishes, replenish the wood box with firewood and take all rubbish with you. You may think you are doing someone a favor by leaving spare food but this only attracts rodents.


Toilet Waste


Use toilets where provided. Where not provided ensure you are well away from tracks and waterways and always bury your waste. Minimise the use of toilet paper. 


Intentions book


Always fill in intentions book even if just passing through.

These books provide a record of use for future planning and a valuable resource for searchers should you fail to return.They are not used to check on your payment or otherwise of hut fees.


Pay your hut fees


Hut fees in this part of the park are cheap. Please pay your share as this enables these wonderful assets to remain. If you didnot buy hut passes before your trip call in at a DOC office and pay them after you get out.


Leave no sign


The best way to ensure others have the same wonderful experience as you is to leave no sign of your own passing. Be gentle on the environment, use only what you need and always think of those following you.

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