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I am writing a guidebook covering Southern Fiordland south of the Borland road, the township of Tuatapere and the Southern coast as far east as Oropuki. It is a guide to the adventure possibilities of this vast, wild and beautiful piece of our country that remains largely unvisited by tourists both home and foreign. It is also a guide to services and tourism operations already in place here and hopefully an inspiration for new business enterprises.




Tuatapere is a great place to live and visit but most of the thousands of tourists that pass through our town don’t stop for more than a pee and a coffee. We need more business and more businesses to open and function in our town.


I look to Te Anau which has successfully blended the town with the name Fiordland so that most visitors think of them as the same thing with the consequence that in the summer season Te Anau can’t cope with the numbers. Yet one hour south most of these visitors travel straight through Tuatapere without realising that over half of “Fiordland” lies just west of our town and that Tuatapere is the stepping off point at the end of the known world into a wilderness beyond compare.


My aim in writing, publishing and distributing this book is not to make a profit from the book sales (that is unlikely) but to promote Tuatapere and increase the business opportunity and tourist numbers in our town. If Tuatapere flourishes then I will flourish. I run a small Art Gallery and backpacker accommodation in town but still need to work more or less full time in other employment to survive.


Over the coming summer/autumn months I aim to walk and photograph all the known marked tracks and the unmarked historical routes of this region. Also, I hope to identify the surf breaks and cycle routes and other interesting adventure possibilities. While there are route descriptions that have been written in the past most rely on second-hand accounts that are sometimes over fifty years old.


I aim to provide an updated accurate description with plenty of colour photographs with history, geology and local anecdotes all provided by people who live in Tuatapere. The local tour operators and town services such as food and accommodation providers, outdoor supplies, beacon hire, vehicle servicing and transport will also be included.


Sponsorship packages of $500-$1000 will enable me to complete a route and will contribute to the production costs of “Fiordland Unexplored “  a guide to Southern Fiordland. Sponsors will have their story told and photographed so as to be a seamless part of the completed publication.

The finished product will be the go-to guide for all that Tuatapere offers and will be available in Libraries, information centres, council offices and for sale in retail outlets as well as online.

 I have people who have expressed an interest in accompanying and assisting me on my journeys and I welcome any and all help offered in the process of producing this work and making it a true community effort.


If you happen to be in this region this summer/autumn and want to join me please contact me.

Anyone who sponsors $500 or more will be included in the publication with a write up detailing the story of their business and history in this region with photographs included.


Who am I?  I am Greg Wilson, poet, wilderness guide and passionate outdoorsman, hunter and conservationist. I own and operate an Art gallery and a small Backpackers in Tuatapere as well as commercial property which I lease to another business.  I have produced two poetry books in the past and have at various times written columns for small community organisations.

Tourism has always been an interest of mine stemming from my early years as a guide in my father’s horse-trekking business in Taranaki up to my present involvement in accommodation and art.

I spent time with the DOC in wild animal control and monitoring Kokako in the North Island but have spent most of my working life farming in some of the more remote areas of NZ.

I am passionate about the wilderness and helping people to explore and enjoy it whilst protecting it for future generations. Tuatapere is now my home and I wish to see it succeed and flourish.


I hope this answers all your questions and that you are amenable to sponsoring at least one trip/route description at $1000.

If you should like to talk to me further please phone me on 027 683 0670


With hope for our futures



Greg Wilson

0276830670 (preferred contact)

6 ferry road Tuatapere.



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