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         Your Wilderness Guide : Greg Wilson


I have spent much of my life in New Zealand's remote regions. An experienced outdoorsman who lives and thrives in the wilderness. I have a great love for the birds, wildlife and landscape of  Fiordland and enjoy sharing its beauty with others.


I believe in engaging the wilderness with minimal interference from the techno world we live in. Come with me and experience something raw beautiful and unforgettable. If you are planning a Southern Fiordland adventure please feel free to contact me as I may be able to help you plan, book and be properly prepared.


I live in Tuatapere with my partner Tammy and together we run an art gallery and studio with onsite accommodation.

Use existing track networks with the comfort and security of huts and signposts. The standard of some tracks and routes in this area varies from the well-formed boardwalk on the Humpridge to rough routes that demand attention to footing and navigation. 


Just want to explore the bird life and take some amazing photos but want to go where no-one else does? There is great day walks around Tuatapere.


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