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                 The CWTCH Gallery 

Found in the old Masonic lodge building the Cwtch is not only a unique architectural space but is full of unique art.

ART LIKE NOWHERE ELSE is not just a slogan it is what you discover when you walk through the door.  many people from all over the world express their amazement at finding such wonderous quality art in such a small out of the way place.


The Cwtch Gallery and Studio is a working art studio with New Zealand art handmade by  Tammy and Greg. Each piece is a unique and one of a kind work. This is the heart and soul of who we are as people. Tammy has a unique imagination and creates amazing artful pieces that reflect a different side of life.

Greg is still developing his photography but is beginning to focus on the birds of Fiordland. His work can be seen throughout this site.


Although we keep irregular hours if you are really keen on art don't be afraid to ring the doorbell outside our posted times.

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